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This video answers and important question if you are a victim of a car crash with a drunk driver in Groton, Connecticut or in any other Connecticut town.  After your crash, after a few weeks to a few months you should expect to receive a telephone call from the prosecuting attorney who is prosecuting the case against the drunk driver who struck you.  Most of my client's are suprised by the call.  They have no idea why the prosecuting attorney is calling them. Don't worry. You are not in trouble.

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If you have received personal injuries from the crash, then you will have a good personal injury claim against the drunk driver.  The purpose of the call from the prosecuting attorney is to give you useful information, and to help you.   First, the prosecuting attorney will likely inform you whether the drunk driver had insurance, and the name of the insurance company.  Second, the prosecuting attorney will find out if you have any out of pocket medical bills or expense.  If so, the prosecuting attorney will seek restitution from the drunk drover to have them pay for your losses that a not covered by insurance.  

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