In this video board certified civil trial attorney Peter Bartinik, Jr. explains what is a "pre-trial" conference in Connecticut.  

Essentially, in Connecticut the term "pre-trial conference" means a settlement conference.  If you have a lawyer, your lawyer will handle it, and typically the client will not attend the conference.  If you don't have a lawyer, you will handle it yourself.  At the conference you should be prepared to discuss the possibility of settlement. That means you should know the facts of the case, and why the other side is wrong.  

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So, for example, for your medical malpractice case that is pending in the Superior Court in New London, you should expect the case to come up for a pre-trial conference in about one year to 18 months after it is filed.  You should be prepared to discuss settlement.  You should know the merits of the case, and a fair settlement value.  The client normally does not attend, but should be available by telephone.  The conference will take at least one-half hour, or more depending on how complex the issues are.

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