Don't be fooled after a car crash in Connecticut or Rhode Island when an insurance adjuster tells you that they will pay your medical bills. Sometimes they will say they they will pay your "co-pays" to make it appear more believable.  If they tell you this, they are telling you a lie.

In this video Board Certified Trial Lawyer Peter Bartinik, Jr. explains the "big lie" that insurance adjusters frequently tell.  In fact, many people end up having to go to lawyers because of this lie. 

The truth is that they will pay nothing--not a dime--untill you sign a full release of all claim which means you give up your entire claim even if your damages are still building, and unknown at the time.  

Just tell them to pay you the cost of the first bill immediately, and make sure you don't sign a "release."  See what they say then.  They will not pay.  

This happened to our client recently.  He was a young man from Groton, Connecticut who was rear ended while driving in East Berlin, Connecticut on his way home from Hartford.  He went to Lawrence & Memorial Hospital and needed continued treatment.  The insurance adjuster told him that he did not need to go to a lawyer, and that they would cover his "co-pays."  But he need the co-pay paid now, and needed continued treatement in the future.  He asked to have his first co-pay paid which was $50.  The adjuster refused.  He called us.  

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