What are three things that board certified civil trial attorney Peter Bartinik Jr. asks every client when he reviews an employment law case? 

In this brief video attorney Peter Bartinik Jr. explains what he asks each client after they have been terminated from their job.  First, what is the stated reason for the termination.  What did your employer tell is the reason for the termination.  Second, what do you believe is the real reason.  Regardless, of whether you can prove it or not.  Just explain what you believe went on behind the scenes.  Third, using your common sense, why do you believe what your employer did gives you a right to sue.  

If you have lost a job, and you believe your employer violated your rights we are here to help.  Contact Peter Bartinik, Jr., Esq. of The Bartinik Law Firm, LLC at 860-445-8521.

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