In Connecticut, before any case goes to trial, the Court will require the parties to attend a meeting called a "pre-trial conference." 

A pre-trial conference is a very important part of any case.  A pre-trial conference is particularly important in a personal injury case because most personal injury cases are resolved at the pre-trial stage.  Therefore, if you are fully prepared at your pre-trial conference, you can expect a better result for your case. 

As an example, assume you are car accident in New London, Connecticut on the corner of Coleman Street, and Broad Street.  Then assume that you are forced to file a lawsuit in New London Superior Court seeking compensation for your losses such as pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages.  Eventually, your case will be called up for a pre-trial conference.  Here, you will be forced to explain important issues to the judge.

In this video, Groton, Connecticut board certified civil trial attorney Peter Bartinik Jr. explains the six most important things you should have ready for your pre-trial conference in a personal injury case in Connecticut.  These are the six things that the judge will expect you to have ready for your pre-trial conference, and the six things that you need to have ready in order to reach a successful resolution of your case.

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