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Board certified lawyer explains | permanency rating | CT

Peter J. Bartinik, Jr.
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Civil Trial Attorney, Practicing Law in Connecticut

Board Certified trial lawyer Peter Bartinik, Jr. explains the meaning of the term "permanency rating" in Connecticut.  

A permanancy rating is an description of your disability to a body part in terms of a percentage loss of use of that body part.  For example, assume you are from New London, Connecticut and you are in a car accident in Ledyard, Connecticut.  Assume also that you suffer a low back injury in that car accident.  If your doctor evaluates you, that doctor might opine that you have suffered a 15% permancy or loss of use to the back.  That number-15%-is the permanency rating.  That number can form a basis to objectively compare that injury to others.  For example, a 15% permanency is more severe than a 5% in theory.  That number forms part of a way to determine the value of a case.  It is one of many objective and subjective factors.  

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