Testimonial from our happy client Lorraine Clark of New Haven, Connecticut. 

You can see an image of the actual handwritten original at the end of the typed one.  

Client Satisfaction Questionnaire

What members of The Bartinik Law Firm did you work with throughout your case?

I give it a 10.

What type of law did you seek representation for?

Slip & fall.

What most impressed you about The Bartinik Law Firm?

Because the way he did his job.

What was the best/worst part of your experience with The Bartinik Law Firm?

He did the best work for me that any other lawyer I know.

Do you feel that you were kept up to date with the status and progress of your case?

Yes, even on the weekends.

Were your expectations met? How? If not, why?

Yes. I have no problems with anything.

What areas, if any, do you feel that we could have provided you with better service?


How would you describe your overall experience with The Bartinik Law Firm?

They are the best Law Firm.

Would you use our firm again for your future legal needs?

Yes I would.

Would you recommend our firm to a friend or relative?


Were you made aware that you can contact our office at any time in the future to discuss any legal matter with any of our attorneys, regardless of the area of law?


Please answer the following statements with a rating of 1- 10, with ten being the best and one being the worst:

Our firms professionalism                              10        Response time to your questions 10

Our legal knowledge and ability                    10        Quality of Representation              10

Customer Service/How you were treated      10        Overall experience                        10

Can we use your responses in this questionnaire for promotional purposes?


Your name: Lorriane Clark                         Date: 01/02/2014

Lorraine Clark