The Bartinik Law Firm of Groton Connecticut, especially Attorney Bartinik Jr., deserve the Highest Commendation as an extremely professional organization with the highest esteem.  If the Bartinik Law Firm were a Military Unit, they would get a Meritorious Unit Commendation for their unbiased representation, of my most precarious case.    As a Disabled Veteran and having the odds stacked against me, three other Law Offices you know, the Ones on TV bragging about how good they are, refused to take my case and turned me down.

Then came Peter Bartinik Jr., and the Bartinik Law Firm of Groton Connecticut, he gave me the benefit of the doubt, took my personal injury case on a contingency basis ran with it and won. 

Peter Bartinik Jr. and the Firm persevered for years until a favorable outcome was achieved.

I have never seen a single TV commercial about the Bartninik Law Firm.  Word of Mouth travels faster than the Media.

If anyone asks me for an outstanding Personal Injury Lawyer it will be Peter Bartinik Jr. and the Bartinik Law Firm of Grotton Connecticut.  

End of Story

Mr. Gary A. Oakes New Britain, CT