Winning Strategies in Your Connecticut Car or Truck Personal Injury Case.

Warning: If You Have Filed a Personal Injury Claim in Connecticut, You are in for a Real Fight. Expect the Insurance Company to Do Everything it Can to Minimize, Delay or Even Completely Deny Your Claim.

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Winning Strategies for Your Connecticut Car or Truck Accident Personal Injury Claim

The Ultimate Guide to Presenting Your Damages in Your Personal Injury Claim in Connecticut.

If you’ve been injured in a car wreck and had to file a personal injury claim, you will quickly find that you are facing an uphill battle. The other side is going to greet your claim with a healthy dose of skepticism and do everything it can to undermine your case.

In this easy-to-follow guide, attorney Peter J. Bartinik, Jr. lays out what it takes to prove your harms and damages and provides you with checklists and strategies to make your job easier.

Most injury victims don’t realize just how much their day-to-day lives have been impacted by their injuries, and it’s easy to overlook or forget details…including details that can make a crucial difference with your claim.

Mr. Bartinik provides comprehensive lists for injury victims to refer to, including:

  • Physical activities
  • Social activities
  • House chores/work
  • Activities with children
  • Personal and interpersonal activities
  • Physical functions
  • Emotional impacts
  • Financial impacts

In addition, Mr. Bartinik reveals the two huge mistakes to avoid with your claim (either one can dramatically reduce the amount of compensation you receive or lead to your claim being denied altogether).

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