Guide to Attorney Advertising in Connecticut.

How to Sort Through the Static and Clutter of Attorney Advertising and Find the Useful Information to Aid Your Search

If you ever find yourself in need of an attorney, you may find that the amount of attorney advertising out there can be a bit overwhelming. Beyond that, much of the attorney advertising you’ll see and hear can be confusing and even misleading.

In this essential consumer guide written by Peter J. Bartinik, Jr., you’ll discover the key elements to look for when evaluating attorney advertising…what’s important, what’s legitimate and what’s fluff or a waste of your time.

Mr. Bartinik helps readers understand how attorneys can be misleading in their approach to advertising, such as:

  • Advertising for personal injury cases when all they plan on doing is farming out (referring) the case to another firm.
  • Not having any intention of taking your case to trial (even if that’s the only option left).
  • Not truly supporting the civil justice system.

Plus, Mr. Bartinik explains how consumers can expand their search by utilizing other resources, and he also takes the mystery out of the attorney rating systems and groups.

Finally, in this guide, Mr. Bartinik lays out the critical questions that you should ask any attorney before hiring him or her.

So, don’t take chances if you need to find an attorney. Request your free download of this indispensible tool for finding the right attorney for your case. You’ll be glad that you did!

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