Posted on Apr 26, 2013

In November 2007, in East Lyme Connecticut, a tanker truck went out of control, crossed over the highway barrier into the opposite travel land, and crashed into a truck heading the opposite direction.  This carelessness was avoidable.  Anyone who has driven on Rt. 95 in East Lyme knows that it is a busy part of the highway.  The resulting collission caused a pile up of cars, and unfortunately several serious life changing injuries and fatalities.  The Bartinik Law Firm is involved in the case representing one of the victims of this terrible truck crash.  The jury will get the case today in the case that is being tried in Hartford, Connecticut.  

The Bartinik Law Firm, in Groton Connectiuct 860 445 8521 represents victims of carelessnes on the highways.  We have a free book called How to Put Your Best Foot Forward in Your Car and Truck Case in Connecticut.  

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