Posted on Apr 01, 2013

A child custody issue has turned messy in Bridgeport. Sgt. John Devone sent a letter to Governor Malloy complaining the Connecticut State Police kidnapped his grandson, and a day later, he was placed on paid leave. The leave is because of pending criminal charges from the state police and an internal investigation by the city's Office of Internal Affairs following allegations that he blocked the court-ordered return of his grandson to the boy's mother in Georgia.

Sgt. Devone's son—also named John Devone—is the three-year-old's father. He is awaiting extradition proceedings to Georgia, where he is facing charges stemming from the custody battle with his former girlfriend.

Earlier in March, state police were looking for the boy's father. They raided Sgt. Devone's house in Shelton—where they arrested the father—and then another Bridgeport home where they found the boy with his grandmother. The police did have two search warrants and an arrest warrant for the father. The boy was returned to his mother, Brittany Finley.

The Devone family is extremely upset, because they allege that Ms. Finley lied to the Georgia court to get the orders; they say that she came up to Connecticut and basically abandoned the child. They said they have been caring for the boy exclusively for the past 18 months in Connecticut and that the "commando style raid" on their homes was completely unnecessary.

In Sgt. Devone's letter to Governor Malloy, he said, "I have always been a law-abiding citizen and respected the integrity of the department that I work for. However, the events of the past week have caused me to question whether I should have fear instead of respect for the judicial and law enforcement authorities."

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