1. Are there enough safety belts for everyone?
  2. Can the vehicles lap and shoulder belts fit children who have outgrown their child safety seats?
  3. Will a child be sitting in a booster seat?
  4. Is there enough room in the rear seat to properly install a child safety seat?
  5. Does the car have lower anchors and tethers for a child safety seat?
  6. Can the manufacturer provide retrofit tether anchor kits?
  7. Will the seat interfere with proper child safety seat installation?
  8. Do the seats have locking features for child safety seats?
  9. Are adjustable lap belts available?
  10. Are built in child safety seats available?
  11. Is there head restraint protection for the rear seats to reduce rearward head movement?
  12. Are there safety door locks (so children cannot open doors from inside)?
  13. Are there window switch override buttons (so the driver control the windows)?