From Cub Scout, Tiger Cub Handbook

  1. If you are in a public place and get separated from your parents (or authorized guardian) do not wander around looking for him or her. Instead, go to a police officer, a checkout counter, the security officer, or the lost and found area and quickly tell them that you have been separated from your parent and need help.
  2. You should not get into a car or go anywhere unless you have your parents' permission.
  3. Adults and older children who are not in your family should not ask children for help: They should ask other adults.
  4. You should use the buddy system and should not go anywhere alone.
  5. Always ask your parents' permission before going into someone else's home.
  6. No one should ask you to keep a special secret. If this happens, tell your parents or teacher.
  7. If someone wants to take your picture, tell your parents or teacher.
  8. No one should touch you on parts of your body that a bathing suit covers (unless it is your doctor while treating you or during a physical exam), nor should you touch anyone else in those areas. Your body is special and private.
  9. You have the right to say "no" to anyone who tries to take you somewhere, touches you, or who makes you feel uncomfortable in any way.