It is a calm winter day in East Berlin, Connecticut.  Roads are quiet.  It is cold and clear.  No snow is on the ground.  

Our client was traveling through East Berlin, and her destination was Groton, Connecticut where she lives.  She is a careful driver.  She was stopped at a stop light when she was struck from behind.  She was actually stopped.  She did not see the driver behind him, and did not expect the impact.  The damage to the car was moderate.  The car was a total loss.  

Our client was taken by ambulance to the hospital for a check up.  Then she treated with her local walk-in clinic the next day.  Then with her family doctor.  She has good health insurance and paid her "co-pays" which were rather small.  But the expenses for the co-pays were adding up, and our client immediatly felt the pressure of being financially strapped due to these co-pays.  This is within the first week following the accident.

The insurance adjuster who insured the at-fault party (the one who crashed in the rear of our client's car) called our client repeatedly.

She finally talked to her.  

The injurance adjuster lied.  This is what she said.

"Don't worry, you don't need to have a lawyer.  We will pay your co-pays, and deductable." 

This was all a lie, and when our client mentioned this to us we told her to ask the adjuster to reimburse her for her co-pays that she incurred thus far.  She did that, and the adjuster said she would not pay him anything until she signed a full release of all claims.  

The lie was exposed.  

The truth is that they will pay nothing--not a dime--untill you sign a full release of all claims which means you give up your entire claim even if your damages are still building, and unknown at the time.  

Just tell them to pay you the cost of the first bill immediately, and make sure you don't sign a "release."  See what they say then.  They will not pay.  

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