Effective communication is important.  It is especially important when you are in an adversarial setting.  For example, when you deal with an insurance adjuster in Groton, Connecticut or in any Southeastern Connecticut town, you should expect the insurance adjuster to be skeptical of your claim.  In fact, if you have a personal injury case like a car crash in Groton, Connectiuct, it is the insurance adjusters job to "adjuster" the amount of money that you are entitled to downward. Communication is a skill.  A skill that can be learned.  If you make an effort, you can improve your ability to communicate effectively.  When you are dealing with an insurance adjuster, you should make every effort to communicate clearly and accurately.  

Here, are some general principles that you can apply to improve your communication in any setting especially when dealing with an insurance adjuster in Connecticut.  First, you should have an interest in detail.  This means you should sincerely want to know all of the relevant facts.  And you should embrace the fact that the insurance adjuster also needs to know all of the facts too.  Details are important.  They are the finishing touches to a full story.  With the details, an insurance adjuster will expect you are hiding something.  So, it makes sense to share the details.  

Second, you should have a good knowledge of facts. When you are dealing wth an insurance adjuster, you should expect that they will ask you questions, and that they expect answers.  If you don't have a good working knowledge of the fact, then the insurance adjuster will doubt your claim.  

Third, be good listener.  When dealing with an insurance adjuster you will answer questions.  But before you can answer a question accurately, you must be able to listen to, hear, and understand the question.  I have heard many people answer a question that is not asked which makes the hearing believe you are being evasive.  The simple act of listening to a question is no so simple since many people can't do it well.  It is important to make a conscious effort to listen carefully when dealing with an insurance adjuster.  

Fourth, be confident.  The process can be miserable if you are not confident.  The way to find confidence, be honest, know the facts, and know that you are a good listener.  

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