1. Smoke detectors in every bedroom, and on all stairs.
  2. Carbon monoxide detectors in every bedroom.
  3. Your home was tested for radon when you purchased it.
  4. You have fire extinguishers in the kitchen, the basement, and on each floor.
  5. Your guns are in a locked cabinet at all times.
  6. You have child safety devices in doors that contain dangerous products and medicine.
  7. All medication is clearly labeled and out of reach of children.
  8. Alcohol is out of reach of children or otherwise locked.
  9. You never run you car when it is in the garage.
  10. Wells are covered.
  11. You do not own vicious dogs, and all large dogs are kept away from small children.
  12. You diligently shovel your driveway and sidewalk in front of your home promptly after snowfall.
  13. Small children are not in the kitchen when you are cooking.