The term “wrongful death” refers to a claim by the estate of a person killed by negligence or other wrongful conduct. In Connecticut, death claims are governed by General Statute Section 52-555 which permits the estate of the deceased to pursue the claim for injuries resulting in death. The executor or administrator of the estate is the person named a plaintiff in the case.

Causes of death can be numerous. We have handled wrongful death claims arising out of medical malpractice, car crashes, and product defects.

These cases are handled with the utmost dignity and respect for the deceased, and the family.

It is a strange experience to get to know someone only after they have died. We can never change what has happened with a wrongful death case, but we can try to achieve justice, with the hope that the type of wrongful conduct will not happen again.

We have gotten to know many outstanding courageous people through this type of litigation.