I have frequently writtten about proof of damages in a personal injury case in Connecticut.   When I explain to people how to prove damages, I emphasize the need to explain damages logically in a way the clearly shows a link between the accident, and the harms and losses suffered.  Most of my clients don't want to file a lawsuit in the first place.  They seek the help of a lawyer because of a combination of factors that usually involves a serious personal injury that results in a loss of work for an extended period of time, a surgery, or worse, a death of a family member.  When the time comes to explain their harms, and losses they can explain their main loss, like the loss of a limb, but they do not fully grasp the way their lives have changed.  When a serious injury occurs, it affacts all parts of your life.   Therefore, it necessary to fully analysis all of your activities, and connect the dots to the injury itself to determine all of your harms and losses.  

Here are the Five Steps to Explain Your Harms and Losses in a Step by Step Logical Way.  

1.  Explain the mechanics of injury.

2.  What is the injury that occurred.

3.  Describe the pain.  

4.  What are the basic body motions that are affected.

5.  What are the activities that are affected.  

Note that each of these Five Steps to Explain Your Harms and Losses in a Step by Step Logical Way can be found in my book How to Put Your Best Foot Forward in Your Truck or Car Accident Case in Connecticut.  Get this book free from this website. 

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