A Connecticut DUI Lawyer Can Help Reduce or Dismiss Your DUI Charge.

If you’ve been charged with a Connecticut DUI, in some cases an attorney can help you either get a lesser charge or get a reduced sentence for your current charge.  

If you have been charged with a DUI in Connecticut, there are three ways an attorney can help you.

In some cases, an attorney can help you get (1) a lesser charge, (2) a reduced sentence, or even (3) a complete dismissal of the case. 

A Reduced DUI Charge in Connecticut.

In Connecticut, there are different reasonable ways to negotiate for a reduced charge when defending a DUI case.  Cases can be defended upon test results that are close to the legal limit, defects in the motor vehicle stop, defects in the field sobriety test, and for other reasons.  The first method is to negotiate down based on repeat offender rules.  Even for a first time offenders, there are ways to avoid first offender treatment for someone who has a clean record, and presents satisfactorily to the judge.  There are different penalties depending upon the number of times you have been arrested.  Getting the case reduced from a second offender DUI to a first-time offender DUI can result is significant benefits to you.  Next, in some cases, other motor vehicle offenses can be substituted for the DUI charge thereby eliminating the DUI charge entirely.  For example, sometimes reckless driving is a more appropriate charge for the case, and your lawyer can negotiate in that direction.  Overall, there a many levels to a Connecticut DUI charge.  This provides an opportunity to negotiate for a reduced charge in the appropriate case. 

A Reduced DUI Sentence in Connecticut. 

In addition to plea bargaining for a reduced charge in your Connecticut DUI case, your lawyer can also plea bargain for a reduced sentence.  For most DUI penalties in Connecticut, the possible sentence is defined in terms of a range.  For example, 1 to 3 years in jail.  In some cases, you might be willing to plea to a DUI charge if you knew that your sentence was certain to be in the low end of the range.  In other instances, you might be able to negotiate favorable terms to allow you to successfully deal with the other penalties that you will have to deal with.  For example, you might want to take alcohol education classes in another state, or you might want to control the time when your license suspension will begin.  There are many penalties involved with a DUI case, and your attorney can help ensure that you can better deal with them with more favorable sentences or other terms.

A Dismissal of the DUI Case.

Your trained DUI lawyer can properly evaluate your case to determine whether you have a reasonable chance to beat the case.  A DUI charge must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.  That means each element of the case.  If all elements cannot be proven, the case must be dismissed.  This does not mean that you can beat every charge.  Hardly.  In most DUI arrests, the case is clear.  In others, however, it is a close call.  In still others, there are technical defects in the motor-vehicle stop, probable cause determination, arrest, chemical tests, or refusal process.  Your DUI lawyer can evaluate your case to possibly win your case.  When you handle your case on your own, without the advice of a trained Connecticut DUI lawyer you will have no chance to find the defects that might exist in your case to allow you to win the case. 

Do You Really Need an Attorney to Handle Your DUI in Connecticut?

The short answer is no, you are not required to hire a lawyer to handle your Connecticut DUI case.  In fact, in many cases, people simply plea guilty, and accept the consequences. When you hire a lawyer, you should consider the cost of hiring a lawyer weighed against the potential benefits of hiring a lawyer.  In cases when you want to reduce the charge, or negotiate a better sentence, or even beat the charge completely, you should strongly consider a DUI lawyer for your case.  If you can afford a lawyer, you should get one—no doubt.  When you have a close case, hiring a lawyer can pay off big time to allow you to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney.  In most instances, your lawyer will have a preexisting relationship with the prosecutor, and that can greatly increase your chances in receiving a favorable outcome.

Where to Get Help?

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Connecticut, contact the DUI lawyers at The Bartinik Law Firm, P.C. at 888-717-4211 or 860-445-8521.  We handle DUI cases all over Connecticut.  Our main office is in Groton, Connecticut at 100 Fort Hill Road, Suite 2, Groton, Connecticut, and we have two satellite offices.  One office is in Shelton, Connecticut serving the New Haven area, and the other is in East Berlin, Connecticut serving the Central Connecticut and Hartford area. 

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