Did you know that:

Drivers under the age of 21 are almost five times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident compared to drivers over the age of 30.1 One of the greatest concerns for any parent is when your child asks for the keys to the car.

Tip 1
Prevent the accident in the first place. You know your children better than anyone. If they are not ready to drive, do not let them drive. When they are ready, make sure they take the proper driver education course.

Tip 2
Set limits for your child. Find out who is going to be in the car and where they are going. Make the consequences of drinking and driving clear to your teenager. 29% of teenage drivers killed in motor vehicle accidents had been drinking.

Tip 3
Be a role model. If you disobey the rules of the road, speed limits, or even drink and drive, what can you expect from your teenager? If you do not wear a seat belt, why would your teenager?

Tip 4
Protect yourself and your child from liability. If you own the car that your teenager uses, you are responsible for whatever harm is created by your teenager. Before your child takes the car out on the road, make sure that both the car and your child are adequately insured. Make sure to purchase insurance in sufficient limits and consider purchasing an umbrella policy as well.

See “Teen Drivers: Fact Sheet” 2007, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services. For more info go to www.cdc.gov/ncipc.