Most personal injury lawyers advertise by saying "call now" . . . "hire me."  But this is not good advice at all.  

The first two things you should do after you are in a car accident in Connecticut is to (1) get the medical attention that you need, and then (2) take good photographs of your car.  Those are the first two things you should do.  

The last thing to do, however, is to get your lawyer.  

There are two reasons for this.  First, your good health must be your primary concern.  So, getting medical care must come before starting your lawsuit.  The lawsuit and your lawyer can wait.  Second, if you run to your lawyer before going to doctor, then you probably have not been hurt that badly--and more importantly--it will look that way to the jury.  You will appear to be overly litigious.  

Sometimes the defense lawyer will ask you in your deposition "when did you first hire your lawyer?"  The reason for this line of questioning is to paint you as a person who is overly litigious (a person who like to sue).  Juries tend to prefer people who are not over litigious.  So, the defense is trying to poison how the jury sees you by focusing on the fact that you hired a lawyer right away.  Get medical attention first.  Get legal help last. 

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