In Connecticut, you are protected from age discrimination in the workplace.  But age discrimination is still difficult to prove.  Here is why. Some Courts have interpreted the rules so that you must prove that but for age discrimination you would not have been fired (or demoted, or whatever bad happened to you).  This is a very difficult standard to overcome.  This is unfortunate becuase it allows from some age discrimination to occur, but not enought to be the proximate cause of the harm.  Compare the "but for" rule to a rule that said as long as age discrimination was a part of the reason someone got fired the you win.  You can see the difference.  In the later, no part of age discrimination is permitted.  In the former, age discrimination is allowed as long as it is not so bad that is becomes the proximate cause of the harm.  

Because of this very difficult standard of proof it is very important to get legal advice before things get really bad.  At least you need to know what it really takes to bring a winning case in Court.

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