In Connecticut, unlike every other state in America, we have individual voir dire.  The means that during the jury selection process, lawyers for each side are allowed to question jurors individually, and outside the presence of the other jurors. For example, for a car crash case in Connecticut, each lawyer will question the jurors individually.  The purpose of the questioning is to select only those jurors who can be fair an impartial to both sides in the case.  In practice, each side tries to "de-select", or exclude those jurors who have a particular bias against their client. Most civil juries contain six jurors with two or three alternates. Sometimes is takes an hour to speak with a single juror.  Each lawyer has their own style, and some take longer than others.  Many jurors are interviewed only to be excluded for one reason or another. Therefore, in order to end up with nine jurors, many more must be interviewed.  It takes many hours to select nine jurors who can be fair to both sides. Generally, it takes a least two to five days to pick a jury, and sometimes longer.  That is why jury selection takes so long in Connecticut.  

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