Most people don’t understand this fact: When the plaintiff wins a personal injury case, we all win. This is because in most instances, the plaintiff will pay back his health insurance company or Medicare what they paid out to pay for the plaintiff’s medical bills. Therefore, everyone’s health insurance premiums can be held under control. The reason plaintiff’s pay back their health insurance companies is because (1) the health insurance contract requires it, and (2) the law that covers that particular insurance contract at issue allows the contract to require it. Whether your particular health insurance company must be reimbursed is a question that only your lawyer can answer. But overall, when a plaintiff wins, we all win, because the cost for that medical care will be paid for by the defendant’s liability insurance, and not the plaintiff’s health insurance. If the defendant was negligent and caused the injury, then it is only fair that they (or their liability insurance) pay the bills, not the plaintiff’s health insurance.

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