1. Your insurance card. You are required to carry proof in insurance in your at all times. Most people keep their insurance card in the glove compartment in their car. If you are in a car accident you should expect to show the other person your insurance card so they can write down the name of your insurance company, and the policy number. Also, you should write down their information.

2. Paper and pen---to write things down.

3. Telephone--- to call for help.

4. Camera on your phone---to take pictures.

5. Flash light just in case it is dark. 6. First aid kit.

7. The book How to Put Your Best Foot Forward in Your Car or Truck Accident Case in Connecticut, by Peter J. Bartinik, Jr. Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney. Our book listed above is a one stop resource for people who have been seriously injured in a car or truck accident in Connecticut.

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