I have read many medical records.  Some records clearly state the history, symptoms, findings, and plan.  Some doctors write better records than others.  You can't control whether your doctor writes a good report.  But you can control the information you give the doctor, and whether you state the facts clearly.  

It goes without saying that rule #1 is to tell the truth.  But when are are treating as a result of a personal injury case there are certain facts that you should not leave out of your medical history when you tell it to your doctor.  All you can do is present the facts so that it is more likely that your doctor will write a good report.  

Here are facts that you should present to your doctor:

1. What are the mechanics of injury.  Explain exactly how your body moved or what contract with what, caused the injury.

2. What are the basic body motions that cause you problems.  For example, twisting, bending, lifting.

3. What specific activities are affected.  For example, playing golf, swimming.

That way--after you explain these details, your doctor can put these facs in the report.  I good report will help your case.

For more information about how to present yourself to your doctor, get my free Guide to Explaining Your Harms and Losses in a Step by Step Logical Way.  

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