Truck and car crash cases in New London, Connecticut are governed by laws that come from several different sources.  The most basic principle that applies is the law of negligence.   The law of negligence governs the act of driving a truck or car.  When one drives a truck, for example, one must drive carefully.  Negligence, in strict legal terms, means the absence of reasonable care.  So, when someone does not act with reasonable care, they are negligent.  This concept applies not only to action, but inaction.  Therefore, negligence means doing something absent reasonable care, but also failing to do something that should be done.  For example, under certain circumstances it might be negligent for a truck driver to fail to check to make sure their break lights are working.  Negligence, in common sense terms, means carelessness.  The law of negligence comes from court decisions.  Court decisions are known as the common law, as opposed to statutory laws, which are laws made by the legislature.    

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