In Connecticut, like every state, it is illegal to drive with too much alcohol in your system.  A violation of the DUI laws can lead to serious consequences including prison time; and the loss of your license, or right to drive in Connecticut.  So, what is the legal limit to drive in Connecticut? 

At present, there are actually three levels that apply, depending on the situation. 

The legal limit is described in terms of a ratio of alcohol in the blood by weight.  A ratio is another way of saying a relationship.  In the case of Connecticut's drunk driving laws, the legal limit is the amount of alcohol you can have in relation to the amount of blood you have by weight.  

There are three different legal limits that apply as of this writing, February 2019. 

The lowest legal limit in the law applies if you are under the age of twenty-one (21).  If you are under the age of twenty-one (21), then the legal limit of alcohol in the blood by weight is .02 of 1%.  Again, this is a ratio of alcohol to blood by weight.  This number, .02, is 2/100, or 2 hundredths.  If the ratio of alcohol to the blood by weight is .02 of 1%, or greater then this means you have an elevated blood alcohol content, and have violated the DUI laws.  

The next legal limit applies if you are driving a commercial motor vehicle.  In this instance, then the legal limit is 4 hundredths of 1%.  If the ratio of alcohol to the blood is .04 of 1% by weight, then the law is violated.

Lastly, for everyone else (the vast majority of cases), the legal limit is .08 or 1%.  So, this is just under 1/10 of 1%.  

Keep in mind that regardless of the legal limit, you can a prosecuted under the DUI laws if you are found to be driving "while under the influence of alcohol or drugs or both."  Also, DUI laws change frequently.  So, double check all rules.  

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