A workers compensation claim is a claim for workers compensation benefits filed by an injured worker.  In Connecticut, like every other state, an employee generally cannot sue their employer in Court for an injury that occurs on the job.  For example, consider a nurse who works at a large employer like the Lawrence & Memorial Hospital.  If that employee who lives in East Lyme, Connecticut is working as a nurse a Lawrence & Memorial Hospital in New London, and the employer Lawrence & Memorial Hospital is careless or negligent, and causes a serious personal injury to the nurse employee who lives in East Lyme, that employee cannot sue the employer in Court.  They cannot sue even if they suffered a serious life changing personal injury like a herniated disc injury after a lifting injury.  In other words, the employer, Lawrence & Memorial Hospital is immune from suit.  They don't have to take responsibility in Court.  


Now remember, that employee who suffered a life changing herniated disc injury is the sole bread winner in the family.  And he has three kids, and a wife who stays home to support the three kids and the household.  What if the injured worker can't work due to the injury?  How does the family survive?


While the employee from East Lyme can't bring a lawsuit in Court, he can file a Workers Compensation claim.  So, there is a remedy.  Instead, of a lawsuit he can file a workers compensation claim.   In exchange for the fact that the employee cannot sue their Connecticut employer, the employee is given the benefits of the workers compensation system.  Therefore, when the worker from East Lyme is injured on the job, the worker receives workers compensation benefits from his employer, Lawrence & Memorial Hospital in New London, Connecticut.  Workers compensation benefits include wage loss benefits, medical care benefits, disability benefits, and other benefits.  In essence, for workers, instead of being able to sue in Court, they must file  a workers compensation claim.  The workers compensation system has replaced the civil justice tort system in the employer/employee context.


If you or anyone you know is suffering from a work related low back injury like a herniated disc and have no yet hired a lawyer to help you contact the Groton Connecticut herniated disc lawyers at The Bartinik Law Firm, PC, Groton, Connecticut at 860 445 8521 or toll free at 888 717 4211.


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