A statute of repose is a rule that says if you don’t file your lawsuit by this date you can never file your lawsuit.   For all practical purposes it is just like a statute of limitations.  In fact, the terms are used interchangeably at time.  It goes hand-in-hand with a statute of limitations.  You can imagine a rule that says you must file your lawsuit within two years after you first discovered your potential claim, but in not event can you file it longer than 10 years after the product was made.   You might have some situations where you discovered your potential claim within the past year, but the product that you claim was defective was made 35 years ago.  In that case, even though you promptly filed your claim (immediately after you realized you had a claim), since the product was made so long ago you can’t bring your case.  That is an example of a fictional statute of report to illustrate what one is like.   You should always seek legal counsel on advice on statute of limitations and statute of repose issues.

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