We take many phone calls from people who might have a case, but for the fact that they called their lawyer long after the statute of limitations had expired.  When this happens there is nothing we can do to help them.  They have no case. 

A statute of limitation is a law that says that the plaintiff must file his lawsuit within a certain time or they will lose their rights forever.  There are many different rules that apply.  Some are statute of limitations are short, and some are fairly long.  But the bottom line is that it is always dangerous to delay. Statutes of limitations are specific to your case so it is impossible to convey any advice about statutes of limitations in a website.  Each case is different.  Also, the laws can change.  Each state has their own rules so just because one state has a three year rule, some other state might have a one year rule.  For every case, you must double check the statute of limitations, and you should consult with your lawyer. 

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