A Lisfrank fracture is a fracture or dislocation of the tarsel metatarel (TMT) joint in the foot.  These injuries are common in car accidenrt cases and industrial accidents.  A crushing injury to the foot will cause this type if injury.  The TMT joint is in the arch of the foot.  The arc of the foot allows the foot to balance your body on top of the foot. You can imagine that your foot is supporting your weight, and at times your weight shifts.  Your foot must be strong enough and nimble enought to handle the weight or your body when your weight shifts.  For example, the next time to go down steps concentrate on the position of your toes in relation to your step and balance.  You will notice that on the down step your toe will touch first, and for that moment your body weight will be supported by your toes.  At that moment all of your TMT joints are carryone your weight as no weight is on your heel.  That is why the TMT joint is so important to your ability to walk.  

An injury to the the TMT joint like a Lisfrank fracture will cause future arthritis, and is a very serious condition.

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