If you are injured by a drunk driver as a result of their drunkenness and the drunk driver was served alcohol by a bar, then you will probably have a viable liquor liability claim against the bar.  But, there are strict requirements giving only a short period of time for the bar in question to be notified of the accident and for you to file a lawsuit.  Sometimes, it is a challenge to find out where the drunk driver was drinking.  Also, it is often difficult to prove what occurred at the bar and details about how the drunk driver became drunk.  Dram shop laws have largely replaced negligent service of alcohol claims and are often your only remedy.  The public policy behind liquor liability laws is that the harm caused by drunk driving is caused by not only the conduct of the drunk driver, but also by the person who provided the alcohol and profited financially from it.  Unfortunately, drunk drivers cause terrible harm to people in truck or car crash cases and sometimes those drunk drivers carry little or no liability insurance to compensate you, the victim.  

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