What is venue? | Car accident case in Connecticut.

Assume you are in a car accident in East Berlin, Connecticut?  You have suffered harms and losses from the car accident.  The insurance adjuster has said he refuses to pay for your lost wages because he believes you should have gone to work even with your back pain.  You can't reason with him.  You have no choice.  Either drop your claim or bring a lawsuit.  

You believe you have no choice but to file a lawsuit.  But there are many Courts.  Where do you file the lawsuit?  In what Court?  Are there rules for that?

Yes.  That is what venue means.  Venue rules are rules that describe what Court your can bring your case in.  The rules consider factors such as where the accident occurred, the plaintiff's home, and the defendant's home.  There will also be different rules that will apply if one party if not a resident of Connecticut.  Also, for particular types of cases, there might be special rules too.  

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