We represent many people who are victims of drunk drivers.  In that type of case, one of the things we seek to prove is the BAC.  So, what is the BAC?  That term generates frequent questions from our clients.  In short, BAC stands for "blood alcohol concentration."  It describes how we measure alcohol in the blood.  It allows us to prove just how drunk the defendant was.  

Here is how it works.  When a drunk driver drinks alcohol it goes into their stomach.  Then it is absorbed into the blood stream.  BAC increases, and then eventually decreases.  Then, after some time, it will go to zero.  The measure of BAC is a measure of a mass of alcohol per volume of blood.  Our office handles Connecticut and Rhode Island cases.  In the Connecticut and Rhode Island, we measure BAC in grams of alcohol per deciliter of blood, or g/dL. 

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In Connecticut as of 2015, the legal limit of alcohol to drive a car is .08, and the legal limit to drive a truck is .04. 

In our office we handle all types of drunk driving cases including cases in which we represent the victims of car crashes with drunk drivers. We also handle criminal cases in which we represent people who are charged with the crime of drunk driving.  So, we know the issues from both ends.  

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