What are the four types of insurance on your automobile insurance company in Connecticut?

Have you ever carefully reviewed your automobile insurance policy?  Did you notice that there are several different types of insurance on your policy? 
Many people do not know that their Connecticut automobile insurance policy contains different types of insurance; each protecting against a different risk.

What are the four types of insurance on your automobile insurance policy.

Liability insurance.  Liability insurance pays someone else when you are responsible.  

Uninsured / Underinsured.  This kind of insurance pays you, or someone in your car when the other car did not have any liability insurance, or did not have enough liability insurance to pay your full damages.  

Property damage.  Property damage insurance pays for the damage to your car.  It will pay the cost of repair, but never over the value of your car.

Medical payments.  Known as "med pay" medical payments insurance pays your medical bills incurred from the car accident regardless of whether you or the other driver was at fault.  

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