Evaluating a medical malpractice case is a five step process.  There is a beginning and an end to the process.  

The process starts with obtaining all of the relevant medical records.

Next, you read, review and understand the medical records.  You want to understand what the records say.  The records record events that happened in history.  You want to know what happened and why things happened.  Usually, this takes some research. 

Next, you prepare a narrative summary of the medical records.  This summary should explain the relevant history, make reference to the records, and pose clear concise questions about whether particular conduct constitutes malpractice.

The fourth step is to have your narrative, and medical records reviewed by an expert qualified under the law to comment on the medical conduct at issue.   If this expert cannot certify that medical malpractice occurred, then you cannot bring a case even if you have a believe that it did occur. 

The final and fifth step is your decision whether to bring claim.  Many cases of malpractice are not brought because the cost of litigation is so high with medical malpractice cases.  You need to have high damages.  That is why only cases with very serious, life changing injuries are brought.

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