Many people come to me and say they can't work because of their work related injury.  They believe they are entitled to temporary total disability benefits in their Workers Compensation case in Norwich, Connecticut.  But they can't prove their claim based on their own testimony along.  If you believe you are entitled to disability (TTD) benefits here is what you need to do:

First, see your doctor.  

Second, explain to your doctor why you believe you cannot work.  You should be able to explain your job duties, and why your injury prevents you from performing those job duties.

Third, make sure you get a written note from your doctor stating that you are totally disabled from your job.

Remember, you only get TTD benefits if your doctor states that you can’t work.  And your doctor can’t comment on that subject unless you explain your job duties and why you can’t do your job. 

Don't forget that you should never exaggerate your claim.  It is always better to work than not work.  You make more money working, and have more pride in yourself.  But when you are disabled, you are entitle to TTD benefits.  

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