The three biggest mistakes you can make in your Workers Compensation case are these three big ones below:

1. Failure to file a form 30C.  Many people assume that their employer has filed a form 30C for them.  Many people assume that all they need to do is to report their injury to their employer.  This is not true.  The claim is not filed (with few exceptions) unless you file a form 30C with the Workers Compensation office in your district.  In Southeastern Connecticut, which is called the second district, the Workers Compensation office is in Norwich, Connecticut.  Therefore, if you have a work related injury and you want to file a worker's compensation claim then you should immediately file your form 30C.  The form can be downloaded from the worker's compensation website.

2. Failing to get a medical opinion that states that the injury was caused on the job.  Many people assume that if it was obvious that their injury was caused on the job then the issue is closed.  They assume that their employer will agree to pay compensation.  They assume that their doctor will write in the medical record the doctor's opinion that the injury was caused on the job.  Well that is not exactly true.  The doctor is generally more interested in treating your injury then stating how the injury occured.  Therefore, when you meet with your doctor, you should make it clear to him or her that you need a written report that addressed the question of whether the condition was caused on the job.  

3. Failing to be aware of the FMLA and the duration of your leave of absense.  Many people don't know that once your medical leave under the FMLA is used up, your employer can fire you.  The federal FMLA provides for 12 weeks of leave and the Connecticut FMLA provides for 16 weeks of leave.  But they only apply to large employers.  So, if you have to take time off make sure you check into whether the FMLA applies so you can know how to deal with the situation where you employer hopes to fire you due to your absense from work.  

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