Many clients come to me only after they have had a bad experience with an insurance adjuster.  Normally, they have been in a car accidenrt in Norwich, Connecticut or a surrounding town, and they have spoken with the adjuster on several occassions. They have also signed a HIPPA (medical authorization) to allow the adjuster to get medical records.  Or they have given the adjuster financial records to prove their lost wage claim.  After all of their cooperation, however, they have been insulted by the adjuster who has presented them with an unreasonably low offer.  

Next they ask me to handle their case for them.  At some point, they ask me if they made a mistake by talking to the adjuster in the first place.

My answer is no.  It is perfectly fine to speak with the adjuster.  The most important thing is that you tell the truth.  The best practice is to present only valid clear claims for personal injury and damages.  If that is the case, then telling the truth to the adjuster can never be a problem.  Never worry about telling the truth when you have a civil case. 

But it makes sense to think through the facts before you recite them to the insurance adjuster.  They will write down or record what you say.  Any inconsistency, even minute, will be held againstd you.  

Therefore, when you deal with an insurance adjuster we recomment the following three rules:

1. Wait until you have passed beyond the initial shock of the injury or car crash.  That way you can get your thought straight.  You can't speak intelligently when you are suffering from a concussion or on strong pain killers, right? 

2. Know your rights before you speak.  If you know that you don't have to speak to the adjuster you will, at least, do so only when you are ready.  

3. Get my free book How to Deal With an Insurance Adjuster in Connecticut.  You can get it free from this website.  Just click the link Get the Free Book--There is no downside.

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