Sexual harassment is often misunderstood, and many people call our Groton, Connecticut law office assuming that they have a case when they do not.

Here are the two things that must occur before you have a case:

1.  You must have some sort of unwanted sexual conduct or any kind;


2.  Your must have some negative effect on a term or condition of your employment.  That means more than just having a bad day.  Examples include being fired, demoted, having ones hours cut, denied promotion--or any other concrete effect on your job.  The harassment might be so bad as to constitute a constructive discharge. 

The legal meaning of sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual advances or conduct of a sexual nature that is tied to a term or condition of employment.  It has to have some effect on a term or condition of employment.  If it does not effect your employment then it is probably not actionable.  

For example, if someone in East Lyme, Connecticut receives unwelcome sexual advances from their boss, then that fact alone is not enough to build a case.  It is only when the boss does somethign to effect a term or condition of that person's employment.  When that occurs, then you might have a case.

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