When you are in a car accident and are seriously injured you will incur medical bills.  So, who pays them?  And when do they get paid?  I am asked this question frequently.  Here is the answer.

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The short answer is that you pay for your own bills.  That is totally unfair.  But please try to understand that until there is a settlement or a Court judgment that concludes that the other driver is at fault and responsible for the bills, then they don't have have legal obligation to pay the bills. At least not yet.  

But your bills become part of your economic damages in your case, and you will be reimbursed for them at the end.  

So, during the time that the case is pending, your medical bills get paid one of four ways:  Out of your pocket, by your health insurance, or by your medical payments insurance if you have it.  Possibly, you can get your doctor to offer some medical car based on your promise to reimburse them after the case is over.  That is becomming less and less common.

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