Did you know that in 1910 most medical schools required no more than a high school education for admission?  The state of medicine was not what it is today.  In 1910 germ theory was disputed.  In the over 100 years since then things have changed to improve the state of medicine and patient care.

On thing that has improved medicine is the acceptance of the concept that medicine should be performed up to standards that are uniformly accepted as the best standard of care.  This is called the standard of care.  That means that each doctor must follow the standard of care.  A doctor is not allow to do whatever he or she wants to do in patient care.  There are rules.  Doctors must follow the rules on how to perform medicine.

Additionally, each region must also live up to the standard of care.  That means that one area of the country can't have poor quality care while others have great care.  All areas must live up to the standard of care. 

For example, if you live in Southeastern Connecticut near Middletown, and you have surgery to fix a hernia in Middlesex Hospital you should expect that the standard of care in Middlesex Hospital to be on par with the standard of care in the whole country.  If it is not, and you suffer harm as a result, then you have a claim. 

So, the concept of a national standard of care has greatly improved medicine and patient care.

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