Divorces will always take time and money, but you can significantly cut back on the duration and costs by considering mediation. Mediation is a voluntary, confidential way for you and your spouse to sit down and hash out the details of your divorce on your own. You will usually meet over the course of a few sessions, and an impartial third party trained in mediation will guide your mediation sessions. Mediators are not always attorneys, but they very commonly are.

Mediation is all about compromise, so couples that are better with the give-and-take aspect will certainly move through the whole process a little quicker. However, mediation is still a good option for couples that think they have too much animosity and cannot agree on anything. The mediator knows how to facilitate a constructive discussion and help keep you focused on the tasks at hand. It's all about moving toward the future and choosing not to dwell on the past. The sooner you can come to an agreement, the sooner you can both move on with your lives.

Typically, attorneys are not welcome in mediation sessions. It is just you, your spouse, and the mediator. We do, however, generally advise that it's good to have a lawyer in your back pocket as well. Your attorney will help you to clarify your goals—and to focus on planning for future mediation sessions.

Your Connecticut divorce attorney will act as an outside advisor of sorts who will have your best interests in mind. Your lawyer can also review any agreements you make before you sign them, to make sure your rights are being respected. Remember, the mediator does not take a side, so you're on your own when you're in the negotiation room. It doesn't hurt to come prepared.

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