A medical malpractice claim in Norwich, Connecticut is essentially a negligence claim.  

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The term negligence is frequently understood.  It is used frequently by lawyers.  The term negligence creates confusion among non-lawyers.  So, here is my explaination of the term "negligence" in the context of a medical malpractice claim in Norwich, Connecticut.

First, medical malpractice mean medical negligence.  The terms are synonomous.  

Second, medical malpractice or medical negligence means that the wrongdoer acted below the "standard of care" of his profession.  This means that under the circumstances of the particular care that doctor did something her should not have done or failed to do something that he should have done.  

Third, the key is to examine the particular circumstances of the case and evaluate what was reasonable or unreasonable under those circumstances.  All cases are unique.  

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