Do I have the right to do light duty if my doctor says I need light duty in Connecticut?  

The answer to that question is no, and there are two parts to the answer.

Was the injury work related in Connecticut?

First, if you injury was not work related then you definately do not have the right to light duty.  Light duty is only an option when the injury occured when you were on the job.  If it was not work related, then there is no right to light duty.  You might have the right to take medical leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act, but that is not the same as light duty. 

Second, even if the injury was work related, then the employer is generally not required to offer light duty.  They might not have any light duty jobs to do.  If they don't, then you must do job searches and you can receive lost wage workers compensation benefits called temporary total disability benefits.  

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