I take many calls by people who say they are being "harassed" by their boss on the job.  For harassmet on the job, it is important to understand these concept.

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First, isolate and characterize the harassment.  What type of harassment is it?  Is it based on race, religion, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, or the enforcement of some protected right?  If it is not, then you must consider the possibility that while your boss might be a jerk, he might not be doing anything illegal.  Watch my video called "work means work."

Second, have you complained about the harasment?  If you have not complained about it, then how can you claim that the company has retaliated against you for making a complaint?  Also, if you have not comlained about it, then how can you expect the company to help you deal with the harasser?  Make sure you complain.  

Third, if you have complained about it, great.  But is your complaint in writing?  Was it sent with certied mail?  If not, then how will you prove you made the complaint in Court?  You don't want to be in a he said she said situation.  

Fourth, don't resign.  If you do resign, then the law says you did not mitigate or minimize your damages.  In most employement law cases, your damages are caused by the fact that you have been fired or suffered some loss.  If you resign, then you (not your employer) caused you to lose your job. 

Fifth, seek legal advice from an employement laweyer before you make the important decisions that I discuss in this piece.  

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