We have all heard about bullying in the schools and the harm that can cause.  There are many laws and rules in place to prevent bullying in schools.  But what about bullying in the workplace?  Is bullying in the workplace illegal?  What if you are bullied?  What should you do?

The answer is that bulling might be illegal depending on the basis for the bullying.

When you believe that you are being bullied in the workplace you should focus on the basis for the bullying.

Is the bullying becasue of race, religion, gender, disability, national origin, sexual orientation?  

If so, then the bullying might be a violation of the Civil Rights Act, or the Connecticut Fair Employment Practices Act.  

But if the bullying is because your boss does not like your work habits, or just doesn't like you for a non-discriminatory reason, then there is probably nothing you can do about it. 

Also, some companies have anti-bullying policies in place and those policies might form the basis of contract rights to make a claim.  And those anti-bullying policies must be uniformly enforced.  If they are not, the focus on the reason you believe they are not being uniformly enforced.

The rule is that bulling itself is not illegal.  But if you are being bullied based your protected status such as your race, religion, gender, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, and other reasons then the bullying might be illegal.  

If you or a friend are being bullied and work, and you believe it is because of an discriminatory reason then contact the employment lawyers at The Bartinik Law Firm, P.C., 100 Fort Hill Road, Groton, CT at 860 445 8521 or toll free at 888 717 4211. 





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