Generally, for car crash cases you are dealing with state law, and there is no national statute of limitations that exists for every car crash case. But you need to understand the concept of federalism. In our system of government in the United States of American we are really fifty states who have agreed to work and live together under a common scheme. Each state has individual power to govern itself, and each state has agreed to be part of the federal government when they signed onto the United States Constitution. So, based on the rules set forth in our United States Constitution there are certain rules that apply to the relationships between the states and the federal government. We won’t get into them here. The end result, however, is that of the many rules that apply to your life, many are rules made by the state that you live in, while others are made by the federal government. When you are in a car accident case in Norwich, Connecticut, you must be concerned with state law that will specify that statute of limitations that will apply to your case. Since, the town of Groton is part of the State of Connecticut, just like Norwich is, then it is very likely that the same state law that applies to the Norwich car accident case will also apply to the Groton car accident case. But please understand that it would be a disservice to discuss specific rules about statute of limitations in a website, and you should contact your lawyer to determine the statute of limitations that applies in your case.

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